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We are thrilled to have Suzanne Evans grace our stage. A coaches coach, her  products, programs, exciting live events, and powerful coaching not only guide entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses that reward them at every level. Suzanne will show you how to take that thing you’re amazing at, and turn it into an enterprise that grows your revenue, grows your life, supports your family and those you love, and leads your own clients to their next step.!
Leslie Flowers

Leslie is a trailblazer for people who long to achieve in business and in life. She has mastered timeless principles like the law of attraction and power of positive thinking to create a proven system for goal achievement and success.

She specializes in guiding women to succeed spectacularly in a man’s world and collapse the wage gap earlier than expected. She teaches women how to stop to the roller coaster of financial insecurity by building confidence, harnessing their positive beliefs, and taking inspired action to get what they want.

A speaker, best-selling author, and performance catalyst, Leslie has 45 years of experience in the corporate world and 20 years as an entrepreneur. Active in community service, she is a founding member of

Suzanne Evans
NY Times Best Selling Author, Suzanne Evans, went from secretary to running a six million dollar business in just 6 years. Her company made the Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing small businesses five years in a row, guiding  brand new and established entrepreneurs to success beyond their wildest dreams. Suzanne teaches thousands of entrepreneurs and start ups to make millions, while making a big impact.
Myrtha Dubois
Myrtha Dubois is the CEO of Myrtha Dubois Coaching and Consulting, LLC, and is a Personal Development Coach for women. Being vested in her own life changes, Myrtha could think of no better way to serve her sisters who are now facing the same issues such as dating, health and medical concerns, changes in the home, job or career decisions, because these very issues are different at any age. With Myrtha's support, you will learn how to Adopt a new attitude, Adapt to the change in you, find your voice, Activate your power from within and live out loud and proud so that you can truly experience Undeniable Living!
Deb Oronzio

Deborah Oronzio is the founder of Self-Empower Coaching whose mission is to help motivated professionals achieve not only success but also experience satisfaction and significance in their careers.  She helps people explore the next phases of their career path whether that is advancement within their established career or carving out a completely new path including the start-up of their own business.  She holds two certifications in coaching, one from The Life Mastery Institute as a DreamBuilder Coach and the second from The Coach Training Alliance.

Susan Walsh
Susan Walsh, founder of Unprecedented Lives, is a highly sought after and highly recommended transformational coach, speaker and results expert.  She is an extraordinary catalyst - leading people from uninspiring lives to Unprecedented Lives.  Her expansive depth and breadth of knowledge and application of it in the lives of her clients (and her own life) has won her the admiration and recommendation of world famous industry leaders including: Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, John Assaraf and Mary Morrissey as well as all of her clients. 

For 30 years Susan has immersed herself in what she loves: the work of Transformation and Personal Development. She is passionate about helping people create and sustain breakthroughs to new, exciting levels of living.  She is a Certified Transformational Coach and licensed to deliver The Avatar Course. This, coupled with her deep insight, prior leadership experience as a corporate executive, is all expertly combined to guide you to a place you once thought was impossible.  She will lead you by small steps and quantum leaps to an extraordinary, fulfilling life where you can successfully live your purpose and passion.   

Susan is an inspiring speaker who captivates and engages audiences by connecting with them in a powerful way.  She has shared the stage with luminaries such as John Assaraf and Mary Morrissey, among others.  Her brilliant teachings on transformation, success principles, universal laws and tapping into our innate infinite potential, accompanied by her warmth, humor, and a rare depth and authenticity all make her the quintessential speaker and coach.  
Terri Rose
Terri Rose is the founder and Chief Love Officer of Blissify Your Life, a business and Love movement designed to support the hearts of people around the world.  As a Love & Lifestyle Coach and Transformational Speaker, she is committed to serving those in life relationships and major life transitions such as separation, divorce, empty nesting and starting anew.  

Terri encompasses the qualities of Love and Service.  With a strong and passionate desire to serve and empower others, she brings unique insight and inspiration from her own life experiences to help transform the lives of people.  Terri will take you on an emotional journey of self-discovery by showing you your own internal courage to step out of fear, push past limiting beliefs and embrace your personal power by saying YES to Your Empowered Self and design a life you LOVE living.

After leaving her 13 year marriage, she has walked the emotionally challenging path of divorce and starting over.  Terri knows how transformative the aftermath of divorce, loss, break ups and starting over can be.  Emerging free and independent as a Thriver from divorce and a single mother of two, she recognized the potential to help hundreds of people transform their heartbreak and grief into clarity, vision, and self-love.  Her wisdom, intuition and genuine love for others inspire one to shift out of limiting unconscious beliefs and step into personal strength and empowerment.  Terri will move you through the sea of emotions and you will awaken to deep abiding self-love and experience the inner joy that comes from truly loving yourself.  You will be empowered to stand in your own truth, asking the universe fearlessly for the love and life you truly desire, arms and heart open, ready to receive.